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Wanted: More Time
avatar As usual I have way too much stuff to do and not enough time to do it. And as usual, that means the web site stuff is taking back seat. I've got 16 credit hours as well as working 10 hours a week. In addition, I've already procrastinated most my homework for too long. I am taking my Subaru and Keish with me to Sunriver this weekend so I won't be able to catch up on anything. Oh well, maybe one of these days I'll get my act together and actually do the things I want to in addition to my absolute needs.

swaq›   January 13th, 2005

Happy New Year
avatar Welcome to the new year. This year I resolve to work on my website more. Ha ha. That'll last a week, maybe. Anyway, I did get a new scanner for Christmas so I'll try to get to scanning blueprints for people again. I hope you all have a great year and vote in the poll this month.

swaq›   January 1st, 2005

Merry Christmas
avatar Well, Christmas is finally here. Fortunately for me, my family has the tradition of opening presents on Christmas Eve so I don't have to wait any longer. Tomorrow morning is stockings and probably a Christmas breakfast. Anyway, have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

In other news, I've been working on the site some more and have started adding some more cars to the gallery though I don't have pictures up for them yet. Enjoy.

swaq›   December 25th, 2004

Finals Week
avatar Well, this week is finals. I've already finished two of my three finals so far. My last one is tomorrow and then I get to go home for the break. Hopefully I can work on the website some during the break, as I won't be working and there won't be any school work. However, my brother does own Halo 2 so there will definitely be some distractions... I also have to start thinking about what Christmas gifts I'll be buying people, and even more importantly, what I want for myself.

swaq›   December 7th, 2004

Busy Thanksgiving
avatar So Thanksgiving this year was definitely the craziest I've had in quite a while. On Wednesday I drove from Corvallis to Beaverton with my girlfriend. That night we played Halo 2 and not much else. On Thursday we celebrated Thanksgiving with her family and friends. Friday was her birthday and in the evening we drove back to Corvallis and then down to Eugene. We stayed the night in Eugene and early the next morning drove to Coos Bay where we celebrated Thanksgiving again with my relatives. On Sunday we had to go from Coos Bay to Coquille then to Eugene and finally back to Corvallis. Sunday night I had to stay up till 3am getting my programming assignment complete for my Data Structures class. I really need sleep.

swaq›   November 29th, 2004

Scanner Running
avatar I finally got around to scanning some blueprints today. I was able to do five before I decided that I should start studying. So if you still have not had your blueprint order filled you will get at least one tomorrow, if not all of them. I plan on scanning a few more tomorrow and then e-mailing them out.

A friend of mine draws a comic for our campus newspaper. He posts his work on his website. Check it out, they are pretty good.

swaq›   November 13th, 2004

News Images
avatar I have been working on getting the news posts to show up with an avatar-like image. This is the first post that uses one. In the future all the posts, including the past ones, will have at least a default image.

School has been pretty busy for me as usual. I have a midterm again next week as well as plenty of homework. However, for those of your who have still not receieved all the blueprints you ordered, I am planning on doing some scanning by the end of this weekend. There is no way I can scan everything, but I hope to make some progress.

swaq›   November 11th, 2004

Poll Timing
avatar The timing on this month's poll wasn't really the greatest. I should have had it last month before the election was decided. Oh well. Hopefully I can get date sensitive polls down better in the future.

In other news, my girlfriend made her first post (below). She loves weather and writing, as you can see by her post (practically an essay) on hurricanes. Her website is Renaissance Blue which has a section devoted to storms, particularly hurricanes. Unfortunately, she is very busy (like me) and doesn't have much time to work on and update the site.

swaq›   November 4th, 2004

Keish's First Post
avatar Well, hello there. Posting here should prove to be interesting... though I don't know how often I will, considering I have both LiveJournal and Xanga accounts and don't enjoy repeating myself in posts in various places.

But on to the topic for this post. (Yes, I do have one.) All right. Two weeks ago I came across a gem of an article. It concerned amateurs proposing various ideas to stop - yes, stop - hurricanes. Strange idea, isn't it? Trust me, it's more than just strange. It's downright crazy. Don't mess with the weather. Period. It's incredibly dangerous and insane. And yes, I repeated myself there - for emphasis. I'm fascinated by the weather and get angry with those who try to alter it.

Back to the article. Some of the suggested ideas were dragging icebergs south from the northern reaches of the Atlantic to Florida, constructing giant fans to blow a hurricane away, dumping a very large amount of olive oil under the storm, and dropping a nuclear bomb into the hurricane. Do any of these sound good? I don't think so.

First of all, dragging an iceberg south is a great idea, right? Uh, no. Think about it. Certainly, the melting of such a large chunk of ice would cool the surface temperature of the water, taking away a major energy source for the storm. However, there's a slight problem: the ocean itself. A sudden influx of such cold water would damage the marine life in the area, as well as affect the Gulf Stream. The movie The Day After Tomorrow presents a very extreme case of what events a cooler Gulf Stream could trigger globally. Thus iceberg-dragging would not only alter the course of the storm - the intended effect - but it would also impact weather in the area overall for an undetermined amount of time.

Giant fans and nukes... I don't need to say much about these to prove their ridiculous aspects. Both are pretty obvious, though a special note for the nukes can be added: a hurricane emits, over a broad area, as much energy as a 10-megaton bomb every 20 minutes. With that fact in mind, adding a nuke to the mix probably wouldn't do much good. (That's a bit of an understatement.)

The intent of the olive oil is interesting. Hurricanes gain much of their energy from the evaporation of water from the warm ocean surface. Oil can prevent evaporation from occurring, thus pouring out thousands of gallons of olive oil could, theoretically, slow evaporation to a point where it weakens the storm. However, we again must remember what this would do to the ocean. If the water can't evaporate, it can't cool naturally, warming it up further and causing damage to the organisms residing in it. Also, the oil itself probably isn't too good for them. (We wouldn't want to harm Nemo, now, would we?)

All things considered, isn't it amazing what lengths people will go to in order to protect their precious coastal multi-million dollar homes that just "happen" to be in tropical areas? Yes, it's no fun (understatement of the month there) to be hit by a hurricane, especially a strong one. But due to all the energy wrapped up in these beautiful but deadly storms, it's incredibly unsafe in multiple ways to dissipate them before they run their natural course.

So, how do we solve the problem, then? We don't. Let weather be weather. That way we won't destroy the delicate balance of the atmosphere and change weather as we know it.

Okay, I think my post is now quite larger than many of swaq's posts combined, so I'll stop here. Hopefully he'll be happy now.

Keish›   November 2nd, 2004

Happy Halloween
avatar I get nervous when Microsoft hasn't come out with an update for Windows in a week or so. It means that it is due for some huge security hole any minute. On the other hand, the automatic updates might actually be doing their job now which would account for no new updates showing up for me.

Happy Halloween, today is your last day to vote in this month's poll!

swaq›   October 31st, 2004

avatar I have built my first computer with Linux on it. You'd think a computer science major guy like myself would have done this a long time ago but I just never really got around to it and I didn't really know where to start. Thankfully, my roommate this term knows a lot about Linux so with his help I was able to install Linux without any major problems. The operating system is very impressive, definitely a lot more powerful than DOS. I plan on using that computer as a file server for backing up data.

swaq›   October 24th, 2004

avatar Once again I apologize for not updating the site as much as I should. I've been busy with school and work that the site becomes a second priority. I've started trying to advertise the forum some as it is really dead right now. That would at least generate some content.

In other news, I'm trying to get my girlfriend to post on this page since I don't want it to just be me talking all the time.

swaq›   October 14th, 2004

Farewell Supra
avatar I am no longer the owner of my Toyota Supra. I transfered the car over to my girlfriend yesterday. Though I no longer own the car, it's still kind of mine in a way. I can still go drool over it whenever I want or something. Hopefully I'll get around to updating the My Cars page here soon with the new information.

swaq›   October 3rd, 2004

avatar I scanned a Hot Cars blueprint today and discovered that my scanner's plexiglass thing is cracked. Fortunately the cracks don't reach as far up to where I scan blueprints, but I don't know how long it will be before they do make it that far. I know something new that I'll be adding to my Christmas wish list this year. In the meantime I'll see what I can get scanned before I completely lose the ability to scan anything.

swaq›   September 26th, 2004

Poll Moving Right Along
avatar Alright, now this poll only has the second least amount of votes so far! Maybe I shouldn't have chosen a deeper subject for this month's poll, but I thought I'd give it a try to see how it would do. Next month the poll is going to be a remake of the poll from September of last year because I had lost the results. That was one of the more popular polls so hopefully it will be again.

In other news, school starts up again for me on the 27th so I'm trying to get my life in a semi state of order before then. I have to finish my mom's website by the end of this month, I have loans to reapply for, Hot Cars blueprints to scan, and a bunch of other stuff too.

I've been kind of slacking on keeping this website updated. I want to add more stuff to the My Cars page and update the Gallery again. Hopefully I'll catch a break and be able to do that. I did work a little on the site today (besides typing up this news post). I updated the code that handles the News page and the admin section. But these changes will make little to no difference in what you see on the site. It just keeps me from seeing an error every time I do a news post.

swaq›   September 24th, 2004

avatar Well, today is my 20th birthday. So to celebrate I am taking the day off and doing absolutely nothing on this website. Wait, I do that every day... Seriously though, I feel bad not updating as much as I should. I need to work on the administrative side of this site for a little more then I can start updating the gallery again. Hopefully it will take less time to add more cars to the gallery than it used to. The poll this month has record low votes so far so vote already! Back to my real job, later.

swaq›   September 16th, 2004

New Design and Stuff
avatar So as you may have noticed, the new design has been up for a while. This is my first news post using the MySQL database so we will see how it goes. I am going to incorporate some of the old news so I can get remove it from the page, to use exclusively MySQL.

I want to add some administrative functions for myself so I can update the gallery easier without manually adding code and updating the database tables. Once I get that in place I will be able to update the gallery. I got a lot of new pictures from the Portland Auto Show that I could add. Maybe some day I will actually catch up... nah.

The monthly poll is now completely automatic. I add the polls beforehand and then they change at midnight and the poll archive also gets updated automatically. Please vote, it makes me feel better.

There is now that big link on the lefthand side that goes to my forum. So far, no one has really posted there. Oh well. Maybe I will get some people once school starts up again. Speaking of school, it is starting up again very soon. I have been very busy this summer with work and a summer class. My mom has been wanting me to work on her website as well. I am not sure how much updating I can do before school resumes. Hopefully I can get into a regular schedule of updating one of these days.

swaq›   September 3rd, 2004

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